Ender 3 Pro Homing Issue - Standard Printer

  • Hi all,

    I hope someone can help me here. I'll try to explain my problem as best I can and hopefully it will be an easy fix.

    A few days ago my printer would not home correctly. Whenever I try to autohome my printer, the y and x axis home ok, but the z axis stays where it is (actually moves up a few mm and stops). For example, if I move the z axis up 100mm to clear nozzle, etc and then auto home,the printer will set the position of the z axis to where I moved it to. When I check the settings in the screen it has set it to zero.

    I have tried various flavours of marlin and they all do the same, so I am leaning towards a hardware issue, but will be happy to be proved wrong as long as I get a working printer again.



  • Dear @Liquid_Len
    Please check whether the Z-axis limit switch is damaged. If you move the Z-axis alone, will it move? Replace the Y-axis limit switch with the Z-axis and move the Z-axis alone. Will it move?

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