Colour Filament change

  • Hi has anyone found out how to do a Colour Filament change on the SE tried the usual route but doesnt seem to pick it up Thanks

  • Throwing this in because I discovered something weird. I was trying to get filament change to work because I saw someone in the Facebook group mentioned it worked for them.

    For one print, M600 actually worked and I got the prompt. However, I can't get the exact same Marlin code to replicate in a separate print.

    can confirm @ncbob 's method definitely works (I sort of hacked a similar solution myself) but it's not particularly graceful shall we say :-).

    Would really be nice to have M600 work properly.

  • @ncbob great stuff carnt wait

  • Ok, I've been digging through the code and I've got a version compiled that supports M600. Once I finish my print sometime tomorrow I'll go ahead and flash it and see if it works, if it works then I'll probably do a print and see if there are any issues with it.

  • I've seen two ways of doing this with the CR6-SE.

    One is referenced in this video below (note: I was not able to get this method to work but it may work for some):

    The problem I encountered with the above method is that I could change the filament but when resuming the print the Z would not adjust to the correct layer height to continue the print (often trying to print 1-2 layers higher than it should) so the print would fail.

    I found another method that works consistently for me (I believe I pulled this from one of CHEP's videos on Cura --- sorry if I'm getting the source recognition wrong). This is effectively hacking your GCODE to enter a pause for you to change the filament. It is not streamlined but it should work until the firmware gets updated to support normal pause functions. This method worked better for me vs using the Pause button on the touch screen as the pause button causes the nozzle to re-home. Which again often caused more problems getting the nozzle back to the correct position to resume printing correctly.

    This method involves modifying your GCODE. Figure out what layer you want to do the filament change at. Open your GCODE in a text editor (I use Notepad++). Search for the layer where you want to change filament (for example if layer 10 search for "Layer:10").
    Next search up in your GCODE for the previous Z entry (note: it may be several lines above the Layer entry). This will be the current Z height of the nozzle -- you will want to know what level to return the nozzle to.

    Below is an example:

    G0 F600 X137.395 Y106.748 Z2.4
    ;Raise the nozzle up
    G0 Z10
    ;Pause for a filament change where P value is in milliseconds - this example is for 5 minutes
    G4 P300000
    ;Lower the nozzle back to print height
    G0 Z2.4

    After 5 minutes of Pause the printer will return the nozzle down to the previous Z height and resume printing.

    I found it best not to home the nozzle or move it. This way the nozzle was only moving up and down. It also means you have to clear away any filament drips when priming the new color. This should help get you started if you want to get more creative. I've put pauses in different layer heights and tested with changing the filament or simply leaving the same color filament loaded and both work reliably.

    This is my first 3D printer and I was happy to cobble together enough different methods to print in 2 colors. This isn't an optimal solution but it will help with 2 color printing until some additional functions are added to the firmware.

    Happy printing,

  • @ncbob ok no problem appriciate all the effort youer putting into this matter

  • @Daverobbo1904 Ok bad news, it won't work on the CR-6 SE because it doesn't have an LCD so I can't enable to advanced pause feature which gives M600 functionality.

    It works on the Ender 3 V2 because the display is defined as an LCD display.

    I'm going to play with it some more and see if I can disable the check for an LCD display, or maybe add a dummy LCD display.

  • @ncbob I await your results with eager antisipation

  • @Daverobbo1904
    Ok I may have figured out how to do it without an LCD. Thanks to Teaching Tech who explained how to do it with an LCD even though you can't see the prompts.

    Once you have firmware installed that supports M600 (there are a few other things you have to turn on to enable it that I was not aware kept it from working) then when it encounters the M600 the printer will pause and park the print head. Then you can heat up the nozzle manually and change the filament, then in the LCD menu you can click on 'Resume Print' and it will continue where it stopped.

    I'm installing a BL Touch and a Filament runout sensor on my Ender 3 V2, and I'll verify it all. Then I'll try it on the CR-6 SE (it's currently printing the runout sensor to mount on the ender 3 V2) and verify that it works after I've flashed the firmware with all the settings.

    I'll then post some documentation on what to update in the firmware, and I'll post a pre-compiled bin with the EEPROM enabled and the M600 command and the other options it needs to enable it.

  • @admin any news on an update yet ADMIN or any idea when you will have a fix for it Thanks

  • @spauliszyn
    I so agree with you especilly after waiting so long for this machine just to have it stood there doing nothing and more waiting for a fix as most of the things I do need a filament colour change at some point during the print.
    I also am very dissapointed that these small features were not included.
    We wait again in antisipation.

  • Hi @admin. I hope you understand that this is a feature that, I believe, most of us were expecting as standard from this new 3D printer. This is not a new idea nor advanced tech--many 3D printers, including your own support this. In fact, being able to run all features remotely would be considered standard, instead of having to run to the printer just to do a manual ABL or turn on the LED light. I feel that all the excitement and anticipation for this exclusive new printer from a company with a decent track record has turned to disappointment. However, I am open to pleasant surprises...

  • Dear @Daverobbo1904

    Understand, you are right. It is a bug here. I will feedback to our R&D team, and see if we can have a solution for it. Thank you.

  • @admin if you puase the print how do you propose to remove the colour filament that is in it then ?
    why cannot the machine just obey a simple M600 command like the Ender 3 does??

  • Dear @Daverobbo1904

    You can pause printing and then replace PLA

    actually, you can come to our youtube channel, we have some video to teach how to 3d print.

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