New user issues

  • I am new to 3d printing. I just hooked up the ender 3 pro printer tonight. i am having 3 issues I'm hoping someone can help me with.

    1. My X axis switch gives a audible click when it touches. The Z axis switch is silent. is this defective? should i replace it. This is new out of the box and it may be defective.

    2. My Z axis when i hit auto home just moves up. It dosent lower it to the bed at a home spot. I tried to disable sliders and manually lower it and set it as home. It accepts it and when i hit auto home it goes right back up. X and Y axis zeros just fine. Could this be related to issue 1 or is this something different. With this issue when i start a print it moves center of the plate about one and a half inches off the plate and starts printing in the air. This is well above bed leveling knobs.

    3. My X axis tends to bind going left and right. It seems to be the wheel in the shroud on the left. It will start to move then just stop. alittle jiggle it moves. This is when i manual move it. In print it seems to move ok, i hear a slight clunk when it binds when printing.

  • Dear @NordicSkunk

    1. The Z-axis limit switch does not work, please provide a video and contact your seller for processing.
    2. X-axis shaking, please refer to this video to adjust:

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