Sending "M420 S1" gives an error... sometimes. Creality please help!

  • I have been having problems with the auto-leveling turning off. It seems like the bed becomes too close to the extruder and the first few layers are not deposited. the initial wipe/purge pass on the left has now left a permanent streak on the glass plate. It works when I tweak the z-setting 'up' in the leveling menu.

    I thought that the printer might be forgetting to use the leveling data so I started to send "M420 S1" as part of my gcode startup script in CURA printer setup.

    But now I am getting a total shutdown of the printer and an error in OctoPrint "Your printer's firmware reported an error. Due to that OctoPrint will disconnect. Reported error: Failed to enable Bed Leveling". The printer LCD does not report an error but when I try to "autolevel" the screen hangs up at the grid display and nothing happens.
    2020-09-24 09.14.38 (Small).jpg

    When I restart the printer and send "M420 V1" in the terminal I get:
    echo:Invalid mesh.
    echo:Bed Leveling OFF
    echo:Fade Height OFF

    What is happening? How can I or you fix this?

  • @spauliszyn : Did you ever figure out if you need M420 S1 or not in Cura ? I've got the same question.. and it sadly doesn't seem to have been answered anywhere on the forum clearly.

  • As an update @admin, I reloaded the firmware like you suggested. Then I leveled the bed and started a new print. It turned out ok. Then I started a new print without changing any settings. The print started with the nozzle touching the plate. Here is a picture and I will explain more below.

    2020-09-25 14.34.32 (Small).jpg

    It was during the stage of printing brims. When I caught the problem I started adjusting the z setting manually. I increased it from 0.20 to 0.50 at this stage. Then you can the last three brims being printed ok and then I finally canceled the print while it was printing the first layer on the first rectangular part.

    I also sentan M420 V1 and the printer reported that the ABL mesh was ok.

  • Dear @spauliszyn

    I have sent your information to our after-sales team, and they don't suggest your refresh other company firmware, and they suggest you refresh the firmware on our website:

    If it not work, I would recommend you send the email to for more suggestions. Thanks for your support.

  • As an update, even now after an ABL, i have to bump up the Z adjustment in order to get any extrusion on the first layer. I am currently at 0.40.

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