How to switch to CURA 4.7

  • I just re-did it to confirm the steps. This is on windows, which may matter.

    1. install the creality software
    2. install cura 4.7.1
    3. copy the "creality_cr6se.def.json" file from the "creality3d/resources/definitions/definitions" folder to the "cura 4.7/resources/definitions" directory (yes - definitions/definitions is intentional because there are two files with different dates and i took the newer one which was in defs/defs)
    4. launched cura 4.7, went through the first time user experience screens until I got to the 'select printers screen. I then scrolled down until I found the creality section and selected the cr-6se.
    5. Uninstalled the creality slicer
    6. loaded an model and sliced it

    No crash, no errors, just cura 4.7.1 goodness.

    My guess is you used the file from the resources/definitions directory (rather than resources/definitions/definitions) and it is buggy - i forgot that there were two and I only ever tried the newest one. Apologies if that's what happened - an oversight on my part, but perhaps a critical one that wasted your time.

  • @spauliszyn I didn't copy the _base file, only the cr6se-specific. I did not have a crash, and am using cura 4.7 just fine with the cr-6 as the target printer. I do not have other printers configured, and this was a clean install of 4.7 when I did it.

  • Hi @rjamison. Same for me. This is what happened:

    In the 4.2 folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\Creality Slicer\Creality3D\resources\definitions\definitions" I took both the "creality_base.def.json" and the "creality_cr6se.def.json" files and copied them over. The 'cr6se' said that it inherited from the 'base' file so that is why i took both. If other creality printers depend on the 4.7 version of the 'base' file i don't care because I don't have any of the other printers. I don't know why the 4.2 version has duplicate definition folders-in-folders.

    But now that I started with the new def files, I cannot select and activate the cr6. It keeps crashing but the crash report window duplicates a bunch of times and closes almost right away so I cannot see what the crash report says.

  • @Stonedog03 hmmm... I will review the steps and be more specific. A version of this worked fine for me.

  • @rjamison - I tried copying the CR-6 definition from the Creality provide Cura to 4.7.1 and it didn't like it. I got an error message about my configuration being corrupt. Had to dump all my configuration to clear that message.

  • Thanks @admin but since you know the printer better than anyone else, do you have a recommendation? Could you provide an updated printer definition file?

  • @rjamison sorry could you please advise where I might find the files you mentioned and it would be much appreciated if you could explain in simple terms how I do what you suggest , I have a very limited understanding of computer terminology, or how to use some of these forums, but i can tell you my e-mail,
    Thanking you in advance ,(just in case i cant find this again)

  • @rjamison how did that work for you? Nothing else that needs to be changed?

  • @spauliszyn have you tried copying the cr-6 definition files from the distributed software directory tree into the cura 4.7 directory tree? Definitions directory, iirc.

  • Dear @spauliszyn

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