Bootloader for Ender 3 PCB v4.2.7

  • Hi there

    Long story short - I need bootloader firmware for Ender 3 PCB version 4.2.7.

    I've manage to brick my new PCB after several firmware updates via SD card and then I attempted to flash it with external programmer - STLink.
    I've manage to flash it, but I override in this way the bootloader. Firmware files are provided by Creality for downloading, but the bootloader itself is missing.


  • Hi Michev, did you manage to fix this ? I have a similar issue....

    Kind regards,


  • Hi @admin
    Any feedback on my question regarding the proper address for firmware flash?

  • Thank you for your time. I suspected that the answer might be such.
    I've already flashed the board with firmware with the same name that you provided on standard address 0x08000000. Also tried other firmware files and still nothing. The screen is blank and the printer does not react at all. I'm suspecting that this firmware files should be flashed at different address (offset of 0x08000000). Do you have information which the correct address might be?

  • Dear @Michev

    4.2.7 There is no open loader on the motherboard for now, please try to flash this firmware:
    Ender-3- Marlin2.0.1 - V0.0.6 - TMC2225.bin

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