Cleaning the flexible, magnetic bed

  • The original one lasted about two months, and started disintegrating. I replaced it, and in less than a week, it has started falling apart, too.

    Is it what I use for cleaning it? I saw Windex was recommended to remove stick glue and hairspray buildup, and I wonder if that's the problem.

    What does everyone and/or Creality recommend?

  • The printed part sticking isn't the issue. I was cleaning the build up off (I used it for a number of prints this week), and the top, flexible bed layer started disintegrating. I was lifting a corner to remove a part, and it tore, leaving some of it behind on the "sticker" part that is attached to the aluminum printer platform.

    These are awfully expensive to have to replace frequently.

  • Dear @Laffter

    Does the printed part stick to the platform? It is recommended to add a raft when slicing. You can apply a little solid glue or a layer of masking glue on the platform.

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