Ender 3 freezing up

  • Hi everyone, I have an ender 3 that is 6 months old that has stopped working. I did email customer service yesterday and have not heard back so wondering if anyone here can offer any insight? My machine is stock and has been working great all along, this is what is happening.

    Machine turns on. I can load a file off the sd card (all files that I have printed numerous times already) The nozzle and bed heat up to temp. Printer does it's normal string along the side and starts printing the first layer. After a minute it just stops. The "thumb wheel"/ button does not work at this point. The screen is still displaying everything but, some of the letters are cut off, if that makes sense? Its like the cpu is frozen. If I turn the machine off and on again, It says something to the extent of "power failue" stop or resume. If I resume it continues but, only for a minute and freezes again... Has anyone had this happen before? Hoping customer support contacts me... Thank you much for anything else you can recommend though!

  • Incase anyone else encounters this problem. It appears to be a problem with my sd card or sd card adapter. Most likely the sd card itself though. Up and running again.

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