• When will the CR-6 Max start to ship from the Kickstarter Campaign? You already billed me for it and have my money in hand.

  • @1st3dfiles I'm getting a little concerned about the MAX seeing all the issues with the regular CR-6-SE. Hoping they've got it all ironed out. I won't be happy to receive it after 5 months wait to find issues that should have been fixed.

  • Dear @aduquese

    It seems that your goods are still on the board, the UPS will update the shipping status when the goods are finished the Customs clearance. I think you will get the UPS updates soon.

  • @admin , Thank you much for your quick reply. If that is the case, I'm wondering where is my CR-6 SE, shipped apparently at the end of August or beggining of September (Backer number 8328), because there are more that 30 days waiting for delivery.

  • Dear @aduquese @1st3dfiles @coachpete

    The CR-6 MAX will arrange to ship in October. We will make it better for communication. Please don't worry. As the shipping will be no the sea for almost 30days, then the shipping information will not update whin these days. Please be patient, we will update if we have any news. Thanks for your support. Have a nice day.

  • @coachpete & @1st3dfiles , I wish you the best, I backed the CR-6 SE early June. then received shipping confirmation at the end of August and Shipping details firts week of September.

    After that nothing else, emails haven't been replied by Creality, neither my messages. I think you will need quite a lot of patience and a bit of luck, keeping in mind that CR-6 Max was next in the queue to be added to the production line.

  • @coachpete I am wondering the same question I was billed at the end of the Kickstarter Campaign. I know it says shipping October but I hope the communication is better than on the cr6-se

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