Printer arrived without tools, software, usb cable

  • Is that common? I know add-ons seem to be shipping separately, but the instruction manual refers to assembly tools (none were included), a storage card/reader where the slicer software can be found (missing) as well as 2 nozzles (also missing).

    I tried emailing (just like the emails tell us to), but that email doesn't actually exist:

    Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.
    550: recipient not found. #ERR_TO_NOTFOUND

  • I also realize my first post had the wrong email address listed (kickstart@ vs kickstarter@), but you can obviously see the email address in the error message for anyone having the same problem.

  • Thank you and you are correct - the tray was well hidden and not covered anywhere in the instructions (that I could find). I located it via another post in the forum, but my posts were under review so I wasn't able to respond to my own thread when I found it.

  • For the SD card, tools, etc....those should be located in the tray under the printer (on the right side). Many others have also overlooked those.

    I believe the correct email is For some stupid reason they continue to post the wrong email address both on Kickstarter (in at least 3 or 4 updates and in multiple comments) and other places, which only causes more problems and frustration.

    Also, there were 2 batches where they admitted to not including the add-ons. For the following "orders with add-ons", it sounds like some are including add-ons, other are not (or are only including some of add-ons but not all).

  • Did you check the drawer under the bed heater next to the display?
    Those things you mentioned does not come in separate bags in the shipping box, but are neatly packed in that additional drawer under the printer.

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