CR-6 died afterc3 weeks, no response from technical support

  • i received the CR-6 on August 16th. It was in the first 160 sent, #35, and on September 4th, it popped about 45 seconds after powering the unit on and the SD card reader no longer worked. The USB worked, but when the unit was turned off, the USB port wss driving the display, so I tutned the unit off and waitrd for tech support to respond to an email sent on September 6th. Five emails later and 13 days after the original email was sent, tech support finally responded and asked for additional information. When I turnef the unit on to fulfill their request, the unit was dead. I have not received any further information or contact since. I've been a hardware and software developer for 45 years and have never been treated so badly.
    Is this how you people support your customerd, or is it a preview of your response to a unit failing. Ard will you ignore the problem here too.

    A very dissatisfied US customer.

  • This seems to be a recurring theme with this printer and Creality. All I see is claims of helping or MAYBE 1 or 2 emails and then nobody ever helps you.
    I am extremely let down as well, especially since, cannot even buy spare parts to try and fix this stuff yourself.
    I was one facing the power switch issues, got exactly 1 reply and then nobody answered anything... Luckily I read up and was able to order a mini-switch on my dime and installed it correctly.
    I got 1 reply to my support email and then nothing further, totally ignored.
    I took a chance buying Creality just based on interested in the leveling feature and wanted to learn it and duplicate into my own designs as I have built all of my other printers (which work awesome btw) by combining the best features from the best designs out there.
    This will forever be to me-- the printer built via KickStarter because Creality was taking advantage of the Covid situation and people sitting at home. In hindsight, its obvious, because the printer was designed almost 100% before the Kickstarter campaign even started. This is obvious given all the Demo videos, we all were duped I feel into helping Creality fare well through Covid and put an extra 4+ Million $ in their coffers to make it through a hard time faced worldwide. The only thing having changed after those video's being the 32 bit board, which should have been standard from the start anyways in 2020. Otherwise, the printer was already created and through dev and R&D. Had they really spent the money wisely, we would have had 0 power switch issues and the printer would have a dedicated support team-- but where did this money go instead? We may never know..
    1st and last Creality Printer for me as I don't appeciate being ignored or seeing a company duping thousands of people.
    now after many prints, after fixing things myself due to support not answering, I have a extruder that will not change tension at all so I cannot feed filament. The 1st time I had issue ever with extruder, as soon as I touched the screw to try to loosen due to clicking, I hear a snap. I open the extruder following the videos only to find the assembly that has the brass insert totally shattered into multiple pieces. I go to look and guess what I find?
    Our lovely OPEN SOURCE PRINTER does not have any STL files available for one to replace any plastic parts and you cannot buy any spare parts. Oh yeah and the support chat or emails never get answered.
    How the hell do you get off calling this Open Source?
    I feel like an idiot for even considering this headache of a printer now

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