Printer will not boot up

  • My Ender 3 V2 worked fine 1 week ago it has been turned off. I turned it on today and everything powers up the display backlight comes on but there is no boot up sequence and no menu. Nothing is displayed on the control screen. What should be my next step?

  • @netboss thanks for that.
    I pretty much did the same thing.
    Where do I find this .bin file and is the only thing I need on the SD card?

  • I'm a little late coming to this party, but I may have information that will solve this issue for some users.

    The problem manifest itself in this way.

    You use your Ender 3 for awhile without incident, then on power up, it seems to be brain dead. The screen backlight turns on, but nothing else happens.

    Chances are, in some way your firmware has become corrupt. The solution is to load new firmware.

    Now a caveat. My "solution" is based upon my first hand experience. My conclusions however, are based upon bits and pieces of information gleaned from dozens of sources and may not be accurate.-

    First of all, this solution applies only to Creality machines which have a version 4.2.2 or higher controller board (the 32 bit boards) and does not apply to 8 bit boards.
    Second, the problem occurs because of the manner in which these new boards handle firmware upgrades.

    When the machine is powered up with an SD card inserted, the bootloader examines the SD card for the presence of ANY .bin file. When it finds one, it assumes that file is a firmware update which needs to be loaded.

    Now this part is unconfirmed. Some sources say that the boot loader keeps track of the names of the .bin files which have previously been used to perform an update, and ignores the file on the SD card if that file has ever been used to perform an update. If the file is NOT in that list, the firmware performs no other tests, but assumes the file to be a valid firmware update. It loads the file into memory and turns control of the system over to the "new" firmware.

    In my case, I had grabbed a spare SD card without checking the contents, loaded a gcode file onto the card, put it in the printer and powered up. It turned out that the card had a .bin file on it that was totally unrelated to my printer. The bootloader loaded that file and turned control over to this new firmware. Who knows what gyrations the new program put the controller through, but needless to say it was no longer the controller it was a few minutes ago.

    Once I suspected what had happened, the solution was to find the correct .bin file, place it on an SD card, put the card into the machine and power up.

    But here we again venture into suppositions which may not be facts.

    First, if the bootloader has ever used a file with that name to update the firmware, it ignores the file. Since the file you use may come from the Creality web site, chances are it has the same name as the original firmware. The boot loaded will just ignore it. This appears to be the case for a number of you who after having tried to load the original "factory" software, see nothing changing. The solution for that is to rename the file to something so unique that the bootloader will not have used it before. Perhaps a name based upon todays date and time.

    Second, the SD card used must be 8GB or less AND formatted as FAT32.

    I'm assuming this has to do with the need to keep the bootloader small. Adding support for anything but the most basic file system would eat up needed bootloader program space. Since the memory available to non-bootloader code is MUCH larger than the space available for the bootloader code, additional file systems can be supported by the "main" firmware.

    I hope this explanation helps someone in bringing their printer "back to life".

    If any of my suppositions are incorrect, I invite all comments correcting my errors.

  • Dear @haasri

    We are trying our best to make better after-sale support.

    Stuck on the boot screen, the same after refreshing the firmware. Please contact your seller to reissue the motherboard

  • Same here Ender 3 V-2 worked for 1 day and wouldn't complete any of the test prints. Next day nothing turn it on no fans no boot screen just a creality logo. After a week tech support said to reinstall firmware, Still nothing. Then they wanted a video of turning it on. Haven't heard from them since. Disappointing though as this was a gift for my son who now calls it his paperweight. Purchased due to the high regard now I think Creality puts out good reports on their own. The certainly don't support their customers in a good manner.

  • @webguynj
    Have the same problem with my new Ender 3 Pro. Got on it 9-20-2020 and ran until 9-27-2020. Same situation as you and Guzz. If you remove the card it boots up and has the normal menu. No response from customer support yet.

  • I had a similar problem. New unit worked for about a week. I found removing the SD card and reboot brought the unit back to life. But, when I put the SD card back in, it sensed the card but the main display indicated No TF Card. If I reboot unit with card in place, the unit would not start - only backlit display. SD card is not bad. I tried a new one I had, it has the same problem with No TF Card. Have waited 2 days for tech support - nothing yet.

  • I am having the exact same problem with my Ender 3 Pro. It started three days ago. Printer worked fine for almost a month, but now it is a brick: a brick with a backlit OLED display. It also does not beep when pushing and/or turning the button. Earlier that day, it corrupted its own SD card.

    @webguynj kindly post here if you figure something out. I am trying to get support, but no help on that front so far.

  • I have tried creating an SD with the firmware and still no boot up. Is there a troubleshooting guide?

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