Printer will not boot up

  • My Ender 3 V2 worked fine 1 week ago it has been turned off. I turned it on today and everything powers up the display backlight comes on but there is no boot up sequence and no menu. Nothing is displayed on the control screen. What should be my next step?

  • Dear @haasri

    We are trying our best to make better after-sale support.

    Stuck on the boot screen, the same after refreshing the firmware. Please contact your seller to reissue the motherboard

  • Same here Ender 3 V-2 worked for 1 day and wouldn't complete any of the test prints. Next day nothing turn it on no fans no boot screen just a creality logo. After a week tech support said to reinstall firmware, Still nothing. Then they wanted a video of turning it on. Haven't heard from them since. Disappointing though as this was a gift for my son who now calls it his paperweight. Purchased due to the high regard now I think Creality puts out good reports on their own. The certainly don't support their customers in a good manner.

  • @webguynj
    Have the same problem with my new Ender 3 Pro. Got on it 9-20-2020 and ran until 9-27-2020. Same situation as you and Guzz. If you remove the card it boots up and has the normal menu. No response from customer support yet.

  • I had a similar problem. New unit worked for about a week. I found removing the SD card and reboot brought the unit back to life. But, when I put the SD card back in, it sensed the card but the main display indicated No TF Card. If I reboot unit with card in place, the unit would not start - only backlit display. SD card is not bad. I tried a new one I had, it has the same problem with No TF Card. Have waited 2 days for tech support - nothing yet.

  • I am having the exact same problem with my Ender 3 Pro. It started three days ago. Printer worked fine for almost a month, but now it is a brick: a brick with a backlit OLED display. It also does not beep when pushing and/or turning the button. Earlier that day, it corrupted its own SD card.

    @webguynj kindly post here if you figure something out. I am trying to get support, but no help on that front so far.

  • I have tried creating an SD with the firmware and still no boot up. Is there a troubleshooting guide?

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