CR-10 Z Axis De-sync and Solution.

  • Hello,

    I have a CR-10 Max I really like it. I'm glade I bought it and I highly recommend it if the z axis de-sync get solved with a timing belt on for the z axis, because every time the printer is turned off the z axis get de-synced or maybe with sensors that automatically re-calibrate and sync the z axis and make it ready for the new print.

    Also I want to suggest if the Printer offer an option were it allows us to control each z axis screw alone in 10 micron steps as it's already allow the user operator to control the z axis steps by 10 micron so why not allow us to be able to control them individually to sync them in way more higher precision using the stepper motor of the printer with the help of a vernier caliper. That is maybe provided or printed on the side of the z axis support to make the user experience much better and the whole process easier.

    Note: I started to find that the prints is failing because the z axis screw and getting de-synced in the middle of an on going print, and when that happen the printing head hits the part being printed.

    I really hope this feedback and suggestion to get thought and to see it provided to us (the early users) and with the new machines.


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