Thermal Runaway

  • My 6SE had been printing fine about 8 hours a day, every day for the last 2 weeks*. But today, it froze twice complaining about thermal runaway. Both times it was printing the first layer of the skirt. Nothing has changed in the environment. Is anybody else seeing this? Is it a precursor to a bigger problem? Thanks,

    • except for problems other people have mentioned: a few erroneous no-filament detections, a clogged (original) nozzle, an SD card reader that recognizes the factory card about every other time


  • So...I too am having the SAME problem with my CR6 SE, it was printing just fine for about 2 weeks and then BOOM, it is getting this Thermal Runaway error about 15 min into every print now.

    Have you ever come across a solution?

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