CR-10 Max Issues

  • Hello,

    Right out of the box I'm running into two major problems with the CR-10 Max:

    1. The build plate cannot move DOWN. Most people online tend to have problems moving it UP enough, but three of my adjustment wheels are screetchingly tight to the max and the hotted is still way too tight (e.g. it melted a hole in the plate covering, and I need to press down on the plate to even get the .2mm shim in.

    2. The two Z-axis screws are not even on both sides, resulting in a slanted X-axis (right is about 2-3mm higher than left). I can disable the stepper motors and level both sides using the provided spacer, but it is out of alignment again every time I turn it on (and probably during every print).

    When I adjust #2, I can get #1 down to I think about .6mm between the highest and lowest measurements of the 16 points on the bed. Then I run through one more fine-tuning of the hotted using the .2mm shim, then auto-level again before printing. This has worked for smaller prints, but anything large just fails (the sample PLA doesn't stick in some places, or gets pressured right into the pores of the build plate -- now I can't get it off). Obviously, this build plate is highly irregular but it seems to me I should at least be able to tighten the corners down.

    Yes, I should consider a glass bed... but this is a large build plate, and I already can't adjust the corners down, so a glass plate would just ride on those corners unless Ieveled it with a lot of material. But then it won't heat evenly.

    What can I do? A brand-new printer shouldn't have these kinds of critical problems even if this is a hobbyist-level product.

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