[BUG?] Ender 5 pro - Spontaneously notification: "Power-Loss Recovery?"

  • Can this notification "Power-Loss Recovery?" have another cause than power down...?
    Several times without power interruption
    Please advice.
    With kind regards Bernard

  • Same issues. Have tried a print 6 times now, "outage" failures at different points throughout, definitely not a power outage at the house, wires all tight and will not fail from jostling each of the wires. It also reboots itself everytime I hit "resume print" and prompts again (does not resume). I'm assuming something is wrong with the controller board. I'm ready to send this back.

  • Similar problem. No loose wires. Connected to backup batter so no actual power loss. Occurs between 1-10 hours. I suspect power supply issue. Not sure how common this issue is. I would urge caution ordering the Ender 5 pro due to this issue

  • I had the same issue last night. My printer is connected to a battery backup, so the power couldn’t have been the issue. All plugs are tight.

  • Having the same issue on the Ender 5 Pro as well. Mine is on a new UPS so "ACTUAL" Power loss is not the issue. It just randomly stops with Power Loss recovery screen. I have changed CD cards, re-sliced the file and still happens mainly on longer prints

  • @admin

    I have been having the same issues how can this problem be fixed I have also had issues with upon the restart/resume printing feature that 9 times out of 10 it offsets in the Y to the left resulting in me having to discard the part.

  • Dear @Hansb00

    If the power fails during use, please check whether the power supply wiring is loose, and check whether the wiring from the power supply to the motherboard is loose.

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