How to autolevel?

  • This sounds like it might be the same problem I had. The bowden tube was putting pressure on the load cell when the print head moved back and forth and caused the ABL to detect incorrect z-offsets in the corners. I printed a bracket to hold the bowden tube at the top of the print head to prevent it from putting pressure on the load cell while it's moving back and forth. The bracket is available here if you'd like to try it.

  • @vandiemen311 thank you very much for sharing that - tightening up the x-axis fixed my autoleveling

  • @vandiemen311 talking about flex, during an ABL when the nozzle is pressing into the right or left side of the plate watch the opposite side of the build plate. Let me know if you see a slight upward rise in the plate? That's what I've been seeing so it lead me to ask the question on another post

  • @vandiemen311 Tried the wheel tightening solution - thanks for the idea but no improvement. Now awaiting response from Creality support. These are the five print areas I retrieved form the bed (though the near left one wasn't peelable).


  • @spauliszyn That's awesome. My z-offset is around 3.5-4.0 now but it's pretty consistent on all sides.

  • Hi @vandiemen311. My x-axis rollers seem tight. But I tried tightening the bolt that holds the back right y-axis roller. I just used the wrench on the nut just under the hot plate. That totally fixed the play in the build plate. Now I am getting all five squares on the plate but the z-offset still needs tweaking as a 0.20mm offset is not extruding anything for me.

    I'm getting there... 🙂

  • I was watching the operation video that was included on the SD card and noticed that in the auto level part of the video there was no flex in the print head...that's what caused me to check. I could tell the wheels that should be somewhat gripping the X-axis bar were quite loose, so that's what gave me the thought to try tightening them

  • Hey I was able to solve my issue. It turned out the gantry on X-axis was too loose. There are 2 wheels on the top and one on the bottom. Tighten the one on the bottom if you notice the nozzle having a lot of give when trying to auto level. Apparently it is looking for more pressure to recognize the bed then I would have thought. Anyway, this may not be the same issue for others but once I did that the auto level has been working as expected. Best of luck!

  • Yes, I would also like to know.

    The Auto Leveling system doesn't seem follow other conventions.

    • Can I initialize leveling with G-Code? From another post reply, that's a "No" at the moment.
    • Do you need any special G-Code in my model? Like M420?
    • Do I level before each print?
    • Do I level after each power cycle?

  • Me as well. Here are two tests with the plate in different directions. Its either firmware or the build plate structure.

    Could there have been extra pressure on one corner in the shipping boxes? I can't remember how it was packed.

    2020-09-30 13.37.29 (Medium).jpg 2020-09-30 13.01.54 (Medium).jpg

  • Got the same problem when I want to print over the whole print bed!
    Its also only right side.

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