E5 Pro V1.1.8, Tmc error, Bl touch, Firmware confusion

  • Hi

    My first 3D printer (Ender 5 pro) arrived last week and all went together fine except at first switch on I received a Tmc comm error. After some googling I found the Marlin2.0 - v1.0.1 (without Bl-touch) firmware, flashed it using the sd card and it worked, bed levelling and a few prints later and very happy...

    Today my BL-touch 3.1 arrived and now I'm very confused.

    Creality YouTube install vid is based on stock firmware not Marlin.
    Creality download page is Marlin V1.1.9
    Latest Marlin firmware is V2.0

    Reading loads (so much conflicting) of info about BL-touch firmware on the Pro making the head crash into the bed, needing to comple your own firmware etc. So a little apprehensive about what to do to install my Bl-touch.

    A little advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • Don't worry i tried the correct firmware and that doesn't work either, see post here:


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