X-Axis Belt is extremely loose - how do I tighten it?

  • I just set up my CR-6 SE today, and I've found that the x-axis belt it way to loose. It is impossible for there to be enough tension for it move smoothly (the tension adjustment knob ends up inside the casing which is not how it looks in the pictures). Is there a way to tighten the belt assembly. I've looked all over it, but I don't see any obvious adjustment screws or something similar.

  • I have found parts on Amazon where you can adjust the belt tension with a knob. They go in place of the roll at the end of both the X axis and the Y axis. You may want to have a look at those, I can highly recommend them.

  • Finally figured it out. The more I looked at it the more obvious it became that something was missing. Went through the box with a fine tooth comb and finally found the plate that goes on the end of the adjuster, before the knob is screwed in (it is what the knob is pushing against). Much relieved. My advice to companies -- don't pack a black object in black foam. 🙂

  • There is an extremely easy to find knob, on the other end than where the servo motor is placed. It is the same for both X and Y axis.

    I saw on a youtube video from Just Vlad that his knob was separate in a plastic bag, then you have to screw it on yourself....

    Since you didnt find the knob, and your x-axis is extremely loose, this is probably your problem....