Printer crashed (but not on the ground;)

  • I was into a 2.5 hr print when the printer stopped and the screen was blanked out. It was making that chirping sound, like as if it was trying to turn on the screen but it was resetting every second. The fans were still running though. I reset it and its printing again. Here is where it stopped:

    2020-09-29 09.06.57 (Small).jpg

    I have had the printer for about a week and a half now and have printed some prints over 4 hrs. This is the first crash.

    Any thoughts?

  • Thanks @Stonedog03.

    It does appear to be the same state as when I manually turn off the physical switch so I am starting to feel like that my switch is faulty. It's on order.

    BTW, it is crashing quite randomly now but no smoke smell, thank God. I will give it a rest until I get the new switch.

    @admin, I will go ahead and order the switch and send you the receipt for reimbursement unless you say otherwise.


  • Could be your power switch went out. If you have the printer connected via USB, when the power supply shuts down, the LCD will actually come back on by sucking power over the USB link. When that happened with mine, it did make some weird chirping / whining sounds. The power switch was acting up intermittently....IE - it again....fails. That's just not acceptable. IMHO - Just replace the power switch. I posted a link to the one I got on amazon in other thread, but here it is again:

    That switch seems to work fine. It fits perfectly in the housing and I haven't had any power issues since installing it.

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