Touchscreen not working

  • tried to find any info on this but it is hard to search this forum. My touchscreen will not respond, I can send commands from a terminal through USB, but the screen doesn't respond to touch. I have tried updating both the screen firmware and the board firmware. They both seem to upgrade fine but do not fix the issue.

  • I just keep getting the same response from support, no matter what I tell them, no matter how many videos I send of me checking connections and doing the update all they say is "check the cables and do the update". I'm kinda tired of it, I've been searching for a place to buy a new screen as I've lost all faith in this company.

  • @admin I bouht it on kickstarter, I sent an e-mail to the and never received a reply back. I'll try again and see what happens.

  • Dear @widjit

    It should be a display failure, please contact your seller to reissue the display.

  • did you put it into the back of the screen? When I put it into the screen, it goes into a blue screen and shows updating from SD card and once done it says SD card process finished. it stays on that screen untill I remove the SD card and Reboot. It's frustrating, I reached out to them by e-mail weeks ago and have not heard anything.

  • I have the same issue, but when I put the SD card with the DWIN folder in it I don't see an update happening. I've tried checking the connections and everything seems to be connected.

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