Screen firm ware upgrade

  • Can anyone help me or has had a problem updating screen and mother board up grades? I have 2 CR10S Pro's and im unable to use any of them after upgrades on both of them.
    I have Tryed to up or downgrade them both, many times but they both just do not seem to want to install the information from the sd card or from a usb, I have purchased new sd cards both formatted correctly. ive used the firmware from most of the companies that state they have the "upgrades for the cr10s Pro" but none of them work.
    I have been at this for over 4 Months and its really getting me down, Any info would no matter what would be help full
    even i i have to stand on my head a whistle, as long as i can get both of my printers working.

  • @Suggsey Hi, the document is too large, could you please leave your email address, I can send to you by email.

  • @Suggsey When refreshing the firmware, both the motherboard firmware and the display firmware must be refreshed. This is the firmware, and there is a refreshed tutorial inside.
    motherboard firmware:
    Install new firmware.pdf

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