No Survey to correct error in shipping address

  • Hi,

    I received an email asking for my to reply with my correct email address as I enter my old zip code.

    I replied to the email a few weeks late but have not received an update since. I then replied again just confirming if they received my updated email. Still no reply.

    I think emailed the kickstarter support email that was offered in the Kickstarter no reply.

    I was then asked in the comment section in the kickstarter update to check the pledgebox for a survey. I have no new surveys in pledge back when logging in with my old kickstarter email or my new kickstarter email. The old was what I used when I backed the pledge. The new is what I changed it to since the pledge as ended.

    I would like to correct my mistaken address or just get a refund as the printer has not shipped.

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