Printer damaged before shipping

  • After following some suggestions from people around the kickstarter comment section regarding my loose building plate with a bumpy movement,

    1. I took the glass off and noticed a hit corner of the plate (not the glass).

    2. I removed the plate to find that two guide wheels on the hit side were bent.

    3. upon further inspection of the wheels, it appears that one of the guide wheels was chipped and that two of them were crooked.

    4. there is a dent in the Y rail...

    Is there a chance to get some replacement parts? I am very disappointed with the fact that I had to pay literally the price of the printer for the shipment, that is 300 USD, the box was intact, I have received a physically and noticeably defective printer, and it somehow passed QC.

    I don't mind probable software bugs that are easy to fix, but I can't even purchase a replacement Y rail as it is specifically machined.

    How could this be??? I was so excited about this printer and now I am left disappointed.. the design is amazing, but that physical damage ruins it all.

    is there an option to receive replacement parts??

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