Printing bed seems to be not even... (Autolevel fail?)

  • I got something that I can't understand because the autolevel should avoid this.

    Thx in adance!

  • Dear @Mic_Hazelburn

    I just push our engineer to check the email. He will feedback you today.

  • @admin any news from your side? How long does it take to get an response from your support?

  • How funny is this?
    @matsjanssen thx for that!

    I tried it and the printbed is now very even with all - but the problem is still there.

  • I also had the same problem and i saw that the wheels on the right side of the bed didn't touch the right side of the rails.
    Wheels right side rails.jpeg
    different wheels.jpeg

    In the picture where you can see both wheel you see that the right wheel has a off center.
    With this when the wheels are attached you can turn it so all the wheels will touch the rails.

    This helped me fix the problem of a unleveled bed

  • @admin , how long will it take to get an response from your team mates?
    I send them the thread link, the vid and some things that I tried the last days.
    Hope it won't get too long.

  • I too have this problem. No response from Creality either. My P/S or switch or motherboard just gave out tonight so I'll be tearing the thing apart. While there, I'll likely shim the bed in the low spots to get it all up to around the same height. Maybe it will "auto level" then.

  • @sjbolton Not my understanding of how autolevel works, i.e. "measure the heights then print a few fill layers to build up to a level print plane". Rather the points are tested that the printer works out the level at each point and, instead of printing everything level, adds in a Z adjustment. So, if your print bed is x degrees of level, the whole print comes out x degrees off level and thus at right angles to the board.

  • Dear @Mic_Hazelburn

    For your question, please sent to email to the engineer He will help you to solve the problem. Thank you.

  • Hi,

    same Problem here. Can somebody (Creality maybe) help with this issue? ..

  • Mine is the same definitely high on the left of the plate. Nothing wobbles, nothing is lose, nothing suggested helps. And I don't expect it will, autolevel typically only measures height differences at various points then averages them to determine a starting height plane to print to. It does NOT measure the heights then print a few fill layers to build up to a level print plane. in practice this means you can't use the entire build plate effectively or print a lot of objects at once because some part wont stick or will quickly curl up distorting the build or separating entirely. To help good prints there are three options:

    • print rafts to build up to a level print surface take some of the distortion and should stay stuck to the build plate.

    • Print objects one at a time only and either in the center or try where on your plate the autolevel results in the best print result

    • Print small groups of small items together around the center and avoid arranging them in a line across the plate

    Lastly don't expect help from Creality, they cheap out on many parts and standard manufacturing processing like quality control. I dont think they have the developer skills to use the autolevel feature to map the plat and build up a flat layer to start building models straight and true. Its a "close enough" ethos unfortunately from a company that doesn't encourage workers to take pride in the quality of their work. Unfortunately its also a marketplace where people expect Rolls Royce quality and features but won't pay anything more than a 2nd hand 80's toyota price. So deal with it.

  • @Mic_Hazelburn Check the Y-axis / build plate. Nothing should move or give when the autolevel process is going on. Watch the video on the SD card they sent for reference as to what the autolevel should look like. Should be a light touch on all ends of the plate. If that doesn't work I'm out of ideas myself. Best of luck

  • @vandiemen311
    I tried this because that was my first thing what I also recognize after the printings.

    But now I got this:

  • I had a similar issue and made a similar thread. When you are doing the auto level, does it look like the carriage is flexing at all when it is pushing against the build plate while probing? Hard to explain what I mean by this...but if you're not sure, try wiggling the carriage and see how tightly it sits on the X-axis bar. The wheels should be snug. If not, try tightening the bottom wheel of the print carriage (use the wrench that came with the printer, in the drawer). My issue was caused because the probe wasn't sensing the pressure of hitting the plate early enough. I imagine there's different give on different ends of the X-axis, causing it to be uneven like this. Hopefully this will help someone with similar issues.

  • Hey I have the same problem with my printer. The left side is almost digging into the bed and the right side is off the bed so much it doesn't stick even after I autolevel

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