Printer stops during print - hitting performance limit?

  • I wanted to try cura "vase mode", and tried printing this model:

    As it printed, the print-head kept stopping moving, even though in spiral mode it should have just kept going all the way along.
    Whenever it stopped, extra filament oozed out, causing the surface to be full of little blobs.


    It seems to me that the printer cannot keep up with the gcode, and it has to keep stopping to catch up. But I thought with a 32 bit board it would have plenty of capability to read & process the gcode fast enough.

    Is this the reason or is something else going on?

  • @Tobi1007 Unfortunately No.
    It's still very broken, in fact with the new firmware its much much much worse!

    Both cura and prusaslicer do the same thing. I am out of ideas.

  • I just set up my CR6 SE and have used both Cura 4.8 and the Creality Slicer with Spiralize Outer Contour (Vase Mode) and it fails every time.
    My 8 bit Anycubic i3 Mega printer has no issue at all. Pumps my print out flawlessly in no time.

    This is not a GCode read error or 8 bit vs 32 bit. Either there is a flaw in the Creality's Mariln version or there is a hardware design problem.


  • This happens on the older FW versions when the printer stops to write Power Loss Recovery data to the EEPROM (actual EEPROM data is stored on the SD card)
    Later firmware versions (and the community FW) swap this around, since there's less of a delay accessing SD card and EEPROM is more reliable to store important printer settings. This also eliminates the zits from needles pausing.

  • @proffles Did you solve this problem already? I was printing a vase with CURA 4.8 and had this problem as well.
    Hope to hear good news.

  • I made a video to show the issue happening:

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