How to set Z-offset by gcode

  • Hi @admin and everyone else.

    My printer has the glitch that is does not remember the Z-offset (in the ABL menu) after I turn off and on the machine and always defaults to 0.2mm. Until this is fixed in a new firmware update, does anyone know how to adjust it by gcode? Currently 0.45mm works well for me, even after an ABL procedure. But I am using the printer remotely with a networked power switch and OctoPrint. So it means that I have to go to the printer just to set this before I can print. If I can set it in my 'start gcode' printer settings then it will be automated.

    I think G92 is the right code but G92 reports something different than the default 0.2mm. This is what I get after a reboot and and ABL:
    X:117.00 Y:117.00 Z:2.58 E:0.00 Count X:9360 Y:9360 Z:1046
    and the touch screen still reads 0.2mm z-offset.

    @admin, is it possible that my main board is defective? I have flashed the firmware and I have bypassed the power switch (which was burnt). Neither has salved my ABL and z-offset issues.

    Thank you and I do love the printer. I will love it more when all the kinks are worked out as well 😉

  • Awesome @S7EN! Good call it works.

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