V4.2.2 bltouch firmware for Ender 5 pro, no Z offset, incorrect home

  • I am totally dead in the water without the Z offset. I have tried everything and I just can't get the Z offset to show up on my screen. Any help would be appreciated.

  • @T4 Still no real answer from Creality I'm afraid just a set of instructions to do what I have already done.
    For the time being, I have given up and have gone back to this firmware (V1.0.1)
    as otherwise, the printer would be going back.
    As yet I haven't found a firmware update from Creality that works without a BLTouch.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hello

    I had the same issue with Auto Home results: X=70, Y=107, Z=10

    What I did is go to Motion > move Z axis value resulting from Autohome to 0.00 (do not try to adjust paper thickness here, this is only to tell the machine were the cero is)

    Then go to Bed Leveling > Prove Z Offset and adjust the thickness there (paper thin)

    Then Save Settings

    To test run Autohome again and yes you will get a large number on Z but if you go onto motion and move the Z axis to 0.00, it should result in the paper thickness you calibrated.

    I hope it helps!

  • I have the same problem. Give it a solution?

  • @davidzohar This still does not fix the Z offset missing from the menu. You can't really use the BLtouch without the Z offset.

  • @davidzohar Thanks for that and I will keep it in mind, unfortunately, I turned my E5 on last night to discover a black screen (blue light on the board but no LCD).

    I removed the BLTouch and reflashed the firmware to V1.1.1 (Can't find a newer non BLTouch firmware) and all working again, Looks like the "Pinboard A" that sends to the LCD is faulty. Have contact Creality.

  • @davidzohar Thanks .. This fixed my problem. Weird how on V1.1.5 it used to beep and store on the board now it doesn't beep and require to store on SD.

  • @powerlines2000
    I had a similar issue, not sure its the same but try this:
    Control > bed leveling > Probe Z Offset > [use the dial to select the desired offset]
    Go back and select 'Store settings' (scroll down to find it)
    and once more Go back and select 'Store settings' (scroll down to find it)
    Also, one thing that drove me nuts was that if you don't keep the SD card in the SD card slot your settings will be gone if you turn the printer off. So make sure that your SD card is in all the time, during settings and during print...
    Hope this helps.

  • I have the exact same problem and I also tried several firmwares. None of them have the option to adjust the z offset.

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