Noisy Fans

  • @admin - Are the fans on the CR-6 SE 24v or 12v......cause some of these are quite loud. I might like to find some quieter fans if possible.

  • So, I got this replacement fan off Amazon:

    That's a 12v fan which is what is required for the power supply. It's a direct replacement for what is there, but watch the polarity on the connector. On mine, the meanwell power supply fan connector was opposite of what the new fan came as. Easy enough to pop the wire out of the connector and swap them. Since I was doing that, I moved the wire protector from the factory fan to the new one. Fits with no other modification and is much quieter than the factory one. Now I just need to do the other 60x15mm on the control board. That one is supposed to be 24v, so I got an LM2596 DC-DC buck converter to drop it down to 12v so I can use the same fan there. Haven't done that swap yet.

    Anyway, just swapping out the power supply fan dropped the printer to 54db when printing. Much better than it was stock.

  • @dingo35 :
    The second fan is NOT 60x60x25mm but 60x60x15mm !!

  • I disassembled my CR-6SE and found the following fans:

    place: power supply motherboard par cooler hot end cooler
    brand: ARX Creality Creality Creality
    type: FD1260-S3112C CHA6024RL-15B 4010 EFS-04D24L CHA3024RL-10B
    voltage: 12V DC 24V DC 24V DC 24V DC
    current: 0.13A 0.10A 0.10A 0.10A
    (mm): 60x60x15 60x60x25 40x40x10 30x30x10
    cfm: 15.27 13.64*
    dBA: 34 21*

    *: data from CHA6024RL-A25

    Sorry for the lousy layout but I couldnt find a table editor on this forum...

  • Same issue with the Ender 5 Pro. You would think since it is an upgrade for the Ender 5, quieter fans would be part of that upgrade.

  • I at least know that the blower fan thats on the right-hand-side is 24v
    Mine is making a right grinding noise, right from new. I think the bearings are crud, i've emailed creality to request a replacement.

    Havent looked at the others, but agree its a shame that the nice silent stepper drivers are basically pointless because of the loud fans.

  • I suspect 24v as there's no reason also to have a 12v output. However if it is a 24v output, here's a guide to fitting a 12v fan on a 24v supply.

    There's also a good guide to quiet fans here:

    Please let us know how it goes.

  • Fans are 24V as per admin comment on another thread.

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