Creality and Firmware

  • This is just my opinion and I have no intentions to cause or bear malice to what i'm going to write.

    Would it not be prudent to, on your sales site and one flicks through All the sales pictures on any of the Creality sales or information sites place a link Next to each model of ALL the Creality 3D Printers that will open up a section with the information of that particular 3D Printer, With All Firmware down loads, and also offer anyone to purchased SD cards fully loaded with the compatible Firmware, so those that are unable to download firmware do not have to spend time trying to get the Correct firmware for their particular 3D Printer.
    As in my case I have downloaded a virus when i wanted to upgrade my firmware, and there are benefits of more Revenue for Creality If it is packaged and presented as a good Back up, with the added information of Rogue hackers and viruses

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