Just stopped working, made two clicks , died, lost power and now it is completely dead.

  • 3rd print and it just died during pre-heating.

    I was right there when it happened so I immediately unplugged in, now it will not power up.

    Suggestions, new motherboard? PowerSupply , how do I contact them?

    Anyone else encountered and solved this?

    Thx in advance.

  • @carmicp Yeah it was such an easy fix, shame QA is such a problem...

    It makes you realize how much you pay for things that just work, sure the cost of an iphone is about 50% of what you pay but imagine how hard it was to source the materials and reliability.

    everything I get from china now, i order in pairs. One to cannibalize, one to have working parts 🙂
    ( still is much cheaper that sourcing in the US )

  • Yep, bad switch on mine. I powered it up today, a few clicks & it went off again. Amazon switch is on the way!

  • It might be one of the printers that had a bad switch. There are a bunch of posts about it and basically you can either wait two months for creality to send you one, or you can buy one from amazon and they will re-imburse you for it.

  • Mine too......

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