Why hasn't my CR-6 SE printer shipped?

    • USA Kickstarter Backer (#3558)

    • Completed Pledgebox survey in mid-June (not late)

    • Purchased add-ons (including CR-6 Max)

    • Responded to email from Creality asking if I wanted CR-6 SE to ship as soon as possible or be delayed until CR-6 Max was ready and I responded saying I wanted the CR-6 SE to ship as soon as possible. Received a reply confirming I wanted the CR-6 SE to ship as soon as possible and this would happen.

    • Based on information from Creality about shipments, my CR-6 SE should have shipped in the August 21st batch but it was not listed (but backer #'s above and below my backer # were included in that batch).

    • Pledgebox has not been updated with any tracking information (I check nearly every day).

    I have been trying for over 6 weeks to get someone at Creality to explain why my CR-6 SE has not yet shipped, get it shipped (with add-ons) and provide a tracking number. I have posted on Kickstarter, sent emails to kickstartersupport@creality.com and have even posted in these forums.

    I have received a few replies from Creality, but none of them answers my questions, or have resulted in my printer being shipped or providing a tracking number.

    Instead, the responses either said "be patient" (but did not explain why my CR-6 SE didn't ship on Aug 21 like it should have), "it is your fault the CR-6 SE is late because you filled out the survey after the deadline" (which is not true), or "there is a problem with your info...check your email" (even though no email was sent and the information in PledgeBox is correct).

    It appears that you are intentionally delaying shipment of CR-6 SE printers to those that also purchased a CR-6 Max even though we responded to your emails and said we did not want to wait. You also charged us separate shipping costs for each printer, so there is no reason to delay the shipment of the CR-6 SE printers.

    Can you please provide answers to the following questions:

    1. Why did my printer not ship on Aug 21 (when you communications said it should)?

    2. Why have you not shipped my printer after more than 6 weeks of me asking you to do so?

    3. When will my printer ship? (and the answer should be "it has shipped and here is the tracking #")

  • @Jonathan
    There are more people than the 2 of us that have run into this. All evidence points to Creality having decided to not ship our CR-6 SE printers until the CR-6 Max is ready to ship even though they asked us if this was OK or if we wanted them to ship our CR-6 SE along with everyone else's CR-6 SE and we said we didn't want to wait.

    All they need to do is admit they screwed up and fix the problem by shipping our CR-6 SE printers immediately...ideally from a distribution point in our country so we don't have to wait another 30 days for ocean shipping. But I'm getting very tired of them refusing to even acknowledge they made a mistake and instead make up reasons to blame the problem on us.

    If they are going to say again that I completed the survey late...I have emails to prove I completed it on time.

    If they are going to say again that my "info" is wrong...then tell me what is wrong because I've already confirmed the info in PledgeBox is correct.

    If they are going to claim they sent emails that they never actually sent...then post that information here rather than trying to blame it on me and say it's my fault and it must have gone into my spam folder. I've received many other emails they've sent, so why are these mysteries emails the only ones I haven't received? Maybe because they were never sent?

    If they are going to again tell me to be patient...I've been very patient and have had to wait an additional 6 weeks beyond when my CR-6 SE was supposed to ship and have sent many emails and comments trying to get them to fix the problem and they've completely wasted my time with worthless responses and didn't even attempt to help me.

  • I am having the same issue with them and I did exactly as you did.

    No one will respond to me either when trying to get answers.

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