Auto hone: nozzle hits the bed continuously

  • Hi, new here and well I have a problem even before I could print something.
    I've just finished setting up an Ender 3 V2 but it fails at auto homing.

    I start Auto Home, the nozzle positions to the corner but then doesn't stop and hit the bed when it's supposed to barely touch that once and explore another corner. The Z switch does click before the hit.
    I updated the firmware but the same happens.

    Video :

  • Hi Tuxo

    I got mine a few days ago and have had a few issues with bed levelling too. There seems to be a very small tolerance to get this right.

    1. The z axis limit switch should attached a little higher than the printer base (the instructions don’t mention this) Use the larger spanner that came with the printer to get this height by lying it flat on printer base then the z limit switch will rest on the spanner as you tighten the switch to the frame.

    2. Use the auto home function to check the nozzle doesn’t hit the glass.

    3. Then select Disable Stepper so you can now move the bed and print head by hand.

    4. Slide a piece of paper under the head and adjust the bed level height so it just touches the tip of the nozzle. Repeat this for Front - left, middle, right of the bed, Centre - left, middle, right of the bed and then Rear - left, middle, right of the bed. This will then ensure that the bed is as level as possible on the nine points. You might need to repeat this a few times as changing the height on one corner can affect another corner.

    5. Be careful if you lower too much the underneath of the bed will hit the rear motor so check by moving the bed (which you’ll be doing anyway in step 4).

    6. I would replace the bed springs as this seems to be a worthwhile upgrade. I’m hoping this will give a fraction more height so I can raise the print bed higher as I’m on the limit with the existing springs.

    Good luck!

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