Problems using G29 gcode in files from SD card.

  • Hi!

    I'm running firmware 1.0.2, It came installed from factory. Motherboard is a Creality 3D 4.5.2 just in case it is important. I got one of the gcode files you provided as an example and added a G29 gcode just after the G28 one, so the printer autolevels after homing. If I send the file via serial USB using Pronterface, the Printer works fine, it executes the G28, then the G29, and starts printing.

    If I put the same file back in the SD and run it from the printer menu, It executes the G28, and crashes into the bed in the first point of the autolevel routine -> the autolevel routine is cancelled and the printing continues without autolevel.

    Same thing happens if I make Cura add a G29 to files: Sending from Cura to printer via USB goes ok, writing the file to the SD and printing from menu crashes into the bed in the autolevel routine.

    I'm quite sure it is not a wiring problem, the nozzle sensor works ok otherwise, it only fails when the G29 is read from a file in the SD card. The blue light of the sensor goes on when crashing, so the sensor is signaling but the firmware does not see it.


  • @pro_info FYI this is still a problem. I noticed that the Simplify3D profile in the SD card gcode files has G29 in it's starting script, but the actual GCode doesn't have it. My extruder kept crashing as well once I took the G29 out all works fine.

  • Dear @GroovyDrifter

    Thanks for your feedback, I will check with our engineer and know why this happened.

  • @admin Unless you have a Mac

  • @admin Thank you, I suppose that leveling data is recovered from somewhere. Anyway this forces us having different gcode files, one with G29 which works on any printer and one without G29 just for printing from SD on the CR-6 SE. Please suggest your engineers that this is a problem and that G29 should work also from SD

  • Dear @GroovyDrifter

    if you use SD card to print, it doesn't need to adding G29, you can use this software for slicing:

  • Hi Guys,
    I have the same problem with G29 from an SD card.
    Like @GroovyDrifter, G29 from Cura work well.

    On 1.0.2, autoleveling is ignored and after autoHome, printing start,
    On, I have this error:

    Do you have an idea?
    Thank you very much!