[Suggestion] Enable Linear Advance on the CR-6 Series

  • It has come to my attention via various forum posters and some youtubers that apparently, linear advance, a feature that could drastically improve the printing speed and quality with no hardware changes is not currently possible purely due to one bit of hardware configuration.

    That bit of hardware configuration is apparently to do with the 2208 driver which controls filament extrusion.

    Evidently, linear advance cannot work with stealth chop, and as the drivers on the CR-6 board are in standalone mode by default and not connected via uart it is not practical for a user to change this setting.

    Therefore, if creality changes only the extruder motor driver to spread cycle, something that does appear to work with linear advance, and enables linear advance, the printers with the same hardware as they currently have, should be able to achieve drastically improved printing speeds and quality.

    I Just thought i'd try to alert someone at creality to this as while I do not currently have a CR-6 and am looking to buy one, I realized in the process of doing research that the addition of just one small configuration could make this printer much better value with almost no cost added for creality.

  • Hi, please tell me the cpu version and cpu version, RET6 means 512K, RCT6 means 256K. I can make firmware.

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