X motor/driver failure?

  • Hello,

    I recently had the time to assemble and test my CR-6 SE printer.

    I first printed something from the SD card (turned out to take like 10 hours to complete, I left the printer overnight and in the morning the printer displayed showed an error and the print never finished.

    Then I sliced some simple models to print with PETG. 1 hour later it finished ok. (I was printing directly from Cura 4.7).

    Afterwards, I made some minor changes to the same model, sliced it again and print it again using Cura. This time, after about 35 minutes printing, the X motor made some noises (as if it was losing steps) and then it stopped moving in the X axis, while the printer continued "printing". I checked the motors and they were all running hot to the touch. I canceled the print and turned off the machine.

    After a couple of hours, I tried homing the printer and notice the X-motor wasn't moving. I checked and confirmed the cable was still attached to the motor. I also tried using the display to move the X-axis but the motor is not doing anything.

    My best guess is that the motor driver is damaged. Please advise how to proceed? Thank you.

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