My new Ender 3v2 is priniting everything smaller than I'm expecting

  • Hi there

    I've just built and started printing with my Ender 3 v2 and everything I print is roughly 20% smaller than it should be, it's the same in PRUSA, CURA and the Creality Version too. The belts are NOT slipping. it's got 20 tooth pulleys and if I move the X 40mm it's 1 revolution of the stepper, so everything seems to be working. there is NO scaling and I've also tried changing the transmission ratio on X and Y from 80 to 100, this prints closer to expected size as you can see here but the print quality is bad. Also the firmware is 1.0.2 so it's all up to date.

    please can someone help, it's REALLY frustrating, there a some shots to explain what I'm talking about

  • Did you ever find an answer for this? I am getting something similiar but not quite as drastic. If I want to print something that my CAD says is 6.5 it prints it out 6.3.

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