Printer CR-6 SE won't move ~ Please help

  • I recently received the printer and got it together, checked everything was tight and connected. when I turn it on and try to move it z or y or home or even to auto bed level the printer won't move at all. If someone could help me sort out this issue I will be forever grateful

    video of printer not moving

    photo of MB and auto bed lvl screen frozen

  • Good luck, I've been emailing them back and forth since 9/22 and they keep asking me to check the same things, with vague answers that they'll replace the motherboard and that an 'engineer' will review my responses.

    This is a complete joke, I'm never going to buy a creality printer again, nor am I ever going to recommend them anymore to anyone.

    I used to really like Creality but this has been handled so badly it's not even funny. I'm at the point now where I am going to strip it down for parts, or replace the motherboard and touch screen so at least I can get a working printer out of this whole fiasco.

  • Hello:
    Were you able to get yours to work? I have the same issue, followed the unboxing and setup guide. I am in the US and have it set to 115v. Nothing moves, when homing the screen shows Auto Home please wait for minutes and I have to restart the printer to get out of that screen. If a try to auto level it says wait for nozzle temperature to heat up to 120, it looks like it stops at 119 and again I have to restart printer. Current firmware version 1.02. Any suggestions?

    Thank You

  • Dear @iros

    1. Please check whether the power supply voltage is adjusted to the local voltage;
    2. Please measure the pin voltage and driving voltage of the Z-axis and Y-axis on the motherboard


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