Help - how to level ender 3 pro?

  • I just got an ender 3 pro with a magnetic bed and carefully levelled the bed as per many sites such as this.


    • home
    • disable steppers
    • adjust the bed with the magnetic bed on

    I then went to print the test gcode that came with the printer (ender3_bed_levelling) and the print head dug into the magnetic bed and destroyed it.

    How do you level this thing (or just get the print head at the right height)?
    Forgive me but I'm P.O'd. I can't understand how they can make something that destroys itself (you'd think the print head would be mounted on a hinge or something so it is impossible to destroy itself).

    1. First you should tighten levelling screws to get a bed down as low as possible.
    2. Then auto-home printing head.
    3. Then in printer menu turn off steppers.
    4. Start leveling with the screw in the angle where home position is.
    5. Move head by hand to the front right corner. Watch nozzle not to scratch bed. Do not make head go up or down! When moving I keep a piece of paper between nozzle and bed.
    6. Level front right corner of the bed.
    7. Repeat 5-6 with rear right and rear left.

    You may check levelling by moving bed front and back, head left and right by hand.

  • @bt101 Hi! You can look at: for Z offset info to level you bed.
    I hope it will help you solving your problem.
    Have a good day!

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