10S Pro V2 Strange, repeating PTFE Pullout issue

  • My PTFE tube is being pushed out of the connector somehow. Its repeating now, not at the exact same point but within the first hour of print for sure.
    I am attaching a video and some stills to show how significant of an issue this is.

    I have about 200 hours on this printer and I love it.
    Material is PLA
    Print temps tried is 195-220
    Bed temps tried is 50-70
    speeds tried are 30 all the way up to 125
    I replaced the PTFE with an amazon purchase
    Swapped out the connector for the PTFE
    The filament does not break and I can reel it all back onto reel and reinsert the ptfe tube into connector
    I physically cannot pull that PTFE tube back out of the connector without depressing the white collar
    I have tried with the blue collar depression preventer on and off
    The printer works fantastically in all respects up to this point

    I would appreciate a great deal if anyone could make some suggestions or tell me what dumb thing I am doing to cause this.

    I couldnt upload the video but the stills help you understand what is happening.

    PTFE issue 4.jpg PTFE issue 3.jpg PTFE issue 2.jpg PTFE issue 1.jpg

  • Really need some help. My printer is now completely useless

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