Noisy fans

  • I really enjoy my new Creality CR6-SE printer; it is the third 3D printer I now own, and this one makes the best prints!

    But what I really was amazed of, was the noise the fans are making, especially when I ready about all the trouble the designers went through to get the stepper motors more quiet.

    So I disassembled my printer to see where all that noise was coming from. I found 4 fans:

    place: power supply mainboard subject cooler extruder cooler

    type: ARX FD1260-S3112C
    <to be continued>

  • I have drastically reduced the noise my fans make (the PSU and motherboard fans), by swapping them for quieter ones as described in this community Facebook post:

  • Dear @dingo35

    Thanks for your feedback, we are happy to know CR-6 SE is welcomed.

    For the noise, could you give more information that I can send to our engineer that figure out the reason?

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