Kickstarter Shipping Information

  • I have sent many emails trying to find out why my printer hasn't shipped through the Kickstarter email, but haven't had any response.

    I emailed the person who asked if I wanted my CR-6 SE and my CR-6 Max shipped separately and got a response making it sound like it would ship before too long. Because I did specify I wanted them shipped separately since I knew the Max wasn't going to be shipping for a bit.

    I haven't seen any update with it shipping at all. I filled out the survey in plenty of time with Pledge Box, so it isn't because I didn't fill that out.

    The lack of communication is becoming more and more frustrating.

    My backer number is 7078.

    Please provide an update on shipping.

  • @admin

    Thank you for shipping my printer.

    I just received it yesterday, but I didn't see any of the add-ons I had ordered with it.

    Any update on when to expect those?

  • Dear @Jonathan

    The CR-6 SE is shipped.

  • @admin

    Am I going to get any more answers on why no one is communicating?

    At this point I wish I could cancel my orders and be fine with this nightmare and get my money back.

    Trying to get answers and information seems to be an impossible task and it is quite disappointing.

  • @admin

    No email was ever received.

    Just looked at my address from PledgeBox and it is the correct one.

    If something was wrong why didn't the person I emailed last week say that? Instead I got I will look into it.

    Again communication from Creality has been horrible through this whole process.

  • Dear @Jonathan

    I just check your order, the status is locked, that means your address is something wrong. For this kind of order, my colleague had sent an email to check with you. Please confirm if you have received an email from Creality? Please don't worry, after check, the printer will be sent to you by airship.

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