USB not responding

  • Bought the LD-002R about a month ago. Setup was easy and I was printing parts.

    After about the 5th print, when I plug the USB into the machine it no longer loads any files.

    I ordered a new motherboard and installed it and I am still having the same problems.

    All the files on the USB have already been printed before, so I am wondering why the LD-002r is no longer loading files from the USB.

    I tried a different USB, formatted to both FAT32 & NFTS - Nothing.

    Printer isn't 2 months old and I'm at a loss as to why it will no longer load files from a USB.


  • Dear @LilMIkey20

    The printer only recognizes gcode files. The file name is within 16 characters. The file name is composed of letters or numbers. If it still cannot be recognized, please try another USB flash drive.

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