Banggood Ender 6 order.

  • Has anyone received their order from Banggood?
    When I ordered the printer it show that it was in stock back in September 4th. Its been a month and my order is still in processing when shipping was estimated to go out on September 25th. Contact Banggood help desk and they are pointing fingers at creality end.

    So whats going on? Do you have them in stock and shipping them or not?

  • I ordered one in mid Nov 2020, received it near end of Dec 2020. My understanding was they receive a few at a time, if you get in when they have it, they will ship one within a few days. Most of the time was in transit.

    Now if only I could get my printer to work 🙂

  • My Ender 6 arrived in UK only 3 days later than predicted by Banggood. Which is great considering it was over Christmas. Well done DPD

  • Also ordered one 3 months ago, delivered today in the netherlands.

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