Ender 3 v2 nozzle stucks after a while

  • PS: this is my second post about same problem. After i submitted the post, it is removed some how.

    Hello there,

    I am very new at 3D printing domain and , just bought Ender 3 V2 and i would like to ask about my unfinished printing problem.

    The SD card which is coming w/ the package consists two example gcode files.
    After i started the printing for cat-3.5h.gcode;

    First 1 hour, printing went almost perfect.
    After that; nozzle started to not drop any filament and there was different noisy sound on extruder side.
    Here is the video:

    I thought nozzle is stucked and stopped the printing, cleaned up the nozzle and started over again.
    But same thing happened again.

    WhatsApp Image 2020-10-03 at 17.43.39.jpeg

    help me 🙂

    what would be the problem?

  • Sounds very familiar - I had the same problem. Unfortunately, it looks like you have had the printer for more than 14 days so they will not take it back. I returned mine over a month ago and I'm still fighting to get my money back. I have detailed my experience here: https://sirjorj.com/jorj/crealitysucks.html

    Creality is the dirtiest scam of a company I have ever done business with.

  • Same problem with my Ender 3 v2. Filament had plugged the nozzle and can not be forced out. Extruder can't overcome the blockage and starts slipping.
    I replaced the Bowden tube, couplers, nozzle and cleaned the hotend with a scrap piece of tube when it was at 200C. With the nozzle and coupler removed, I pushed a piece of tubing through the hotend a few times to remove any remnants of PLA.
    Still researching why this happens.
    I was careful to follow the pro tips for assembly and bed leveling but may have missed something. I know that the Bowden tube must be held firmly against the nozzle or liquid filament will be pushed out into the space above the nozzle. That's the function of a quality coupler.

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