Ender 3V2 bed problem

  • Hey guys,

    I am 3D printing for quite some years now and upgraded my wanhao to a ender 3 v2.
    All worked fine at first, no problems at all.. very high quality prints.
    Now, since a few days the bottom of my print bed (where the termistor and heater is) slides against and over the stepper for the bed. I even hear the thermal tape crackling over it.

    So i havent messed with the z endstop but i cant higher the bed or the nozzle will crash into the glass.

    How to fix this?


  • Hi

    Have you tried raising the Z limit switch a few mm then raise the bed by a similar amount. You’ll have to reset home position and re-level the bed. I had the same issue. Replacement bed springs can help too.

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