CR6 SE Y Switch Plastic cracked

  • Hi,

    I would like to ask if anybody knows if there are somewhere designs of the plastic of the Y switch that holds it on the side and screws on the stepper motor ?

    As mine arrived cracked and broken and the Y switch was hanging as both the screw bases were broken... I managed somehow to glue it and put one screw but i don't know for how long it will hold.

    I was wondering if someone had made an stl file of that so i can print a replacement part as i cant find anywhere for it and i have send an email to creality support and nobody has responded to me.

    I'm also attaching some photos if anyone can help as i'm not adept in 3D designing parts as now i'm getting started and it will take me alot of time to create the replacement part.

    IMG_20200929_214326 (Medium).jpg IMG_20200929_214310 (Medium).jpg IMG_20200929_214030 (Medium).jpg


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