CR-6 USB fried my PC mobo.....

  • At least, that is the only conclusion i have at this point.

    I got my CR-6 in the mail today (woo). Unboxed it, hooked it all up, verified all the external connections were good. It turned on without issues, I was able to home all as well as auto-level calibrate.

    So, I proceeded to load up an SD card with a calibration cube, loaded up the filament and even heated the hot-end to get it started. When i went to preheat for PLA, the bed got to 45 and then the printer reset. I thought it a fluke, so I tried again. This time, it just resets as soon as you hit preheat, and it does this for either preheat options.

    So, I proceeded to make sure all the firmware on the board and the screen were good, no change. I finally decided to go ahead and hook it up to the computer, see if I could get a different result or at least some troubleshooting codes. I hooked it up, turned to bring up cura real quick and look back to see the USB smoking at the printer! I rushed to unplug power as well as the USB, by the time I turned back to the PC it was shutdown and wouldn't come back online. Brand new $150 board i installed only a couple weeks ago, down the tubes. Fortunately I had a spare to get back online at least. Printer seems to be shot too.

    I'll be contacting Creality about this in the morning, but I wanted to put this story up there as a warning. I obviously have no concrete proof that the printer was the problem here..could have been the cable (which was brand new), or the USB port on the front side of my case (rarely used, but functional last time I used it).

  • Dear @dc88

    Please check whether the motherboard is burnt out. If there are burnt marks, please contact your seller to reissue the motherboard.

  • I actually had this happen, first one, USB Fried and the cable, but the USB port was still working, Second one, Fried again and this time fried the USB port, thankfuly my computer still is running as I don't have a backup like this, and I'm really annoyed that the replacement botherboard I got -actually- killed the USB port this time, let alone the fact of replacing the motherboard, since the mainboard was -hotglued- for the wires, potentially ruined the wires for t he Z-bed leveling detection.

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