Defaulting to Nozzle temp 0C

  • Received my printer Saturday, all going well so far.

    One oddity: it worked 100% fine for three days then, with no changes from me, it changed behaviour.

    If I start a print, the printer sets the nozzle target temperature to zero. This means that it heats the bed but the nozzle sits at (currently) 20deg forever. I can override it by going to preheat for PLA, after which I can hit the print button and everything's fine.

    Obviously though, I'd like it to work properly rather than needing a workaround. Any ideas?

  • @Onionman I'm having a similar issue with my unit. It printed fine for several weeks. I suffered the power switch failure as has been plaguing others. Replaced the switch, works fine again.

    Prints became less and less dense. Underextrusion began to occur. I noticed my hotend heater was struggling to keep up and it took longer to warm up eventually giving me thermal runaway/time-out errors. The extruder thermistor now reads -15 consistently. New thermistor, same issue. Updated firmware, same issue. Downgraded firmware to prior version, same issue.

    Any input would be appreciated from either Creality or from other backers.

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