Print Head loose

  • Having issues leveling the bed due to the print head being loose, just need to know how I can adjust the printer head. the printer head moves up and down by around 5mm to 6mm. when trying to level the bed in the Z plain some time the print head moves to the left before returning to the center before trying to level the bed. As the print head touches the bed it tilts to the right
    Would like some advice on how to tighten the printer head

  • @Nico-F Thanks for the video link - sorry for the very late reply, I ended up putting the printer away until a few weeks ago and decided to pull the print head apart. I found a spacer for the bottom wheel had been put in the wrong way around and once I switched it to the correct position the printer has been working fine.
    Thanks for your help.

  • @Tickforge Hi, now you have to adjust the eccentric nut on one of the wheels, look TH3D Studio video at: . When you turn the nut, the wheel is eccentric so it can more toward the aluminum extrusion.
    Have a nice day/night!

  • @Nico-F Thanks for replying. I already checked the wheels, that's the problem they are not in constant contact. The nuts are tight, it looks like one of the wheels needs to drop down (right side wheel if looking from the front) by about 5mm that would then keep the wheels in constant contact. If I push down on the print head top left wheel the top right wheel lifts up off the extrusion by around 5mm.
    Surely they couldn't have drilled the mounting holes in the wrong spot.

  • @Tickforge Hi! Please check if the wheels behind the print head are all in constant contact with the aluminum extrusion, if they are not against the extrusion, you can adjust the eccentric nut until its tight ( slightly wobble the cold print head with your hand to determine the origin of loose). Dont over tight the wheels on the extrusion or they will wear out faster. If the wheels are not the problem, verify that all the crew between the print head and the carriage are tight.
    I hope that solve you problem, have a good day!

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